Shotsie's Tattoo Studio
Tattoo Art Comes of Age

The world around us is rapidly changing while old politics and limits of expression remain intact. In America old stereotypes die hard. Places once called "Tattoo Parlors" in the most pejorative sense have moved out of seedy back alleys into spacious well lit store fronts. Shotsie's Tattoo Studio located at 1275 Rt. 23 South in New Jersey is the 90's version of the old world concept. While the tradition of American Tattooing is well represented here, the newest styles with incredible color and artistic quality are by far the most evident. This new 1400 sq. ft. facility in a major shopping corridor in Northern Wayne, New Jersey is an art gallery, boutique, and Tattoo Studio. There are books on the subject as well as periodicals, videotapes and tattoo related jewelry for sale. The current exhibition running until September 25 consists of watercolor and mixed media paintings by owner and artist Shotsie Gorman. Shotsie's Tattoo Studio makes available to the public a myriad of creative services. "We give people access to a deeply personal form of self-expression" says Shotsie. Some of the finest artists in this field come to Shotsie's Tattoo Studio to work and study tattoo art. In addition there is a direct link to the art world through both the international travel and lecturing series that Shotsie participates in, as well as a rotating exhibit of artwork by internationally renowned artists in the gallery section of the studio.

Shotsie Gorman is the owner and a tattoo artist with sixteen years of experience. He has won virtually every award available in his field and has appeared on most major television talk shows including Geraldo, Sally Jessie Raphael, and Morton Downey, Jr. Shotsie is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and articulate artists in the world tattoo community.

The goal of Shotsie's Tattoo Studio is to advocate tattooing as a viable art form and healing tool in a contemporary society. Many of Shotsie's innovative styles have expanded the vocabulary of the tattoo image. Shotsie believes that the thread that binds the diverse tattoo clientele is the need to express the inner turmoil of transition in one's life. "There are little if any means left to the people in the modern American culture for the outward expression of a fundamental change in one's consciousness. The rights of passage rituals that once created a rich human tapestry of shared experience have been voided in an unconscious consumerist society. The traditional arts have alienated themselves from the human experience. I believe that tattooing is a last vestige of the truly potent art forms that has been passed down to us through the millennium. Tattooing taps the primal depths of the human consciousness and uses archetypal images in the strictest Jungian sense to express the inner life via a physical manifestation for all the world to see." Tattooing as a spiritual tool is the direction that Shotsie has taken.

Walk-ins are accepted but appointments are recommended. And of course, your always welcome to stop in and hello. The studio hours are Tuesday through Saturday 1 - 10 pm. Visa and MasterCard accepted. Phone (201) 633-1411.

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