The Illustrated Woman

About our second book "The Woman Tattooed"

The Illustrated Woman
Photography by William DeMichele

In the international tattoo comunity this book is already a collectors item. It has also become a valuable addition to the library of those who appreciate fine photography about women and alternate lifestyles. This book is a unique collection of provocative tattoos and the creative personalities who proudly wear them.

Photographer William DeMichele traveled the United States and Europe for five years, attending all the major tattoo conventions, to photograph with his own style of portraiture, some of the best award winning tattoos in the world. But the woman of this book confront you with more than just tattoos, with naked honesty they reveal their inner passion for individuality and self-expression. "I realized that women have long been subject to the pressures of physical appearance. The tattooed woman has taken this stigma and used it to facilitate her art. Even though tattooing has gained acceptance or at least a tolerance of late, when a woman gets tattooed she immediately gets more attention than a man. The general public is compelled to be more opinionated about a woman with body art. These photographs deal with 'visual prejudice' and personal fortitude."

The revealing photographs of The Illustrated Woman will confront you. They will give you a deeper understanding and reverence for the tattooed image and the women who proudly wear them.

"I consider the photographs in this book to be portraits. And although some of these images may differ from your definition of portrait, through this style I have tried to strip away all the cues of time and location to allow the subject to speak aloud of her statement. To let each person reveal her story not only with her tattoos, but with her body language, her expressions, her pose. I wanted to capture the attitude and presence of each person. I avoided using any overt photographic techniques or dictating the pose of the subject. These simple images of the female form are stronger than any manipulated photo technique.

This book is expertly printed in Singapore on the highest quality paper, with a reinforced case binding of real Italian black linen and gold leaf stamping plus a four color laminated dust jacket. Oversized at 10 3/8" x 12 7/8", 128 pages, over 130 color photographs of over 100 artists.

The second printing included a softcover version. This book has all the same deluxe specs of the hardcover with a 14pt laminated cover with an endflap for protection. Many people buy a hardcover for their collection and a softcover for everyday viewing.

This is a limited edition of 250 books. Each book was chosen from the best of the first edition. Bound with hand made marbled french paper and includes a Italian black linen slip case embossed with the Proteus logo. Each book is numbered and signed and is wrapped with archival paper.

Introduction from the book by William DeMichele (text and photo)

Preface from the book by Tattoo Artist Shotsie Gorman (text & photos)

Tattoo Photography from The Illustrated Woman