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THE ILLUSTRATED WOMAN, by William DeMichele.
This book is a unique collection of provocative tattoos and the creative personalities who proudly wear them. Oversized with over 130 full color photos. The hardcover version is casebound with an embossed Italian linen black cover and full color dust cover.
128 pages. 10 3/8" x 12 7/8".

Hardcover $55.00 US (includes postage) (65.00 in bookstores)
Softcover $29.00 US
(includes postage) (35.00 in bookstores)
Special Boxed Limited Signed Edition $160.00
(includes postage) (Not available in bookstores)


TATTOO BOOK OF DAYS, by Lyle Tuttle. Published by Proteus Press.
An updated version of the original "Tattoo Du jour" published in 1988 by Tuttle. This book is a day by day record of birthdays, deaths, important events and happenings of all the most famous tattoo artists and fans. Filled with old and new, before and after photos, quotes, sayings, essays and memorabilia. Only available from Proteus Press.
64 pages. B&W wirebound softcover. 7 1/4" x 8 1/2".

$15.00 US (includes postage)