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TATTOO STOCK with Photography by William DeMichele

It has come to our attention that many publications are looking for professionally taken tattoo pictures to illustrate articles, stories, books and advertising. Photographer William DeMichele has decided, after years of shooting tattoos, to open his portfolio of over 80,000 images of tattooed men and women to publishers, art directors, magazines, etc.
The only limitation on availability is that he will only sell usage rights to those projects that present tattooing in a positive and/or constructive light and does not humiliate or disgrace the model or tattoo artist. This is why he will not use a general stock photo house, whose main criterion is to make their commission. This is NOT a data base or search engine for you to get ideas or find images for your next tattoo. If you want a tattoo go to a tattoo shop. Really! Any pro shop can help you get together any idea you could possibly have.